Thursday, September 22, 2011

My (Weird) Food Adventures in Seoul: Part One

The night before my final day in Seoul, I took a walk and the objective was to eat something weird before I leave. A few minutes later I was at a Hawker centre where they had a bunch of multinational cuisine outlets and one name caught my attention.

(Still dont get why the frogs are so happy)

Well weird enough, but not too weird that I'll be left out at dinner parties back home!

I went through the menu and my wallet. Frog with spring onions sounded ok. But the chef said its gonna take atleast 15 minutes, so while waiting I got myself a box of seafood dumplings, which was exquisite!

A perfect well-cooked blend of flour with a mixture of squid, prawns, fish and oyster. They gave me 3 in a box with a chilli paste to spice it up a notch.

And finally, it arrived. A smoking pot full of Frogs and Spring onions.

One bite and I was gracious to my perfect appetite. The pieces were soaked in a hot and thick sauce gravy. The flesh were well cooked and its taste reminded me of chicken wings. I left the Spring Onions just the way it came.

Final Verdict : It was delicious by default and the thought of this being forbidden, juiced up the taste a bit!