Saturday, December 31, 2011

Newyear's Eve at Kanua

-2011 was going to end soon. I had to make a choice. Time was running out on me.
Yes, the most important decision of the year. Where to have my Newyear's Eve Dinner.
After hours of statistics, analysis, contemplation and confrontation, I decided to pick 'Kanua'-

Kanua is an authentic konkani eat out located in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.
The place was crowded as it was Newyear's Eve. People were drinking, eating and sitting around but it was totally comfy and quiet. I always liked Kanua for its ambiance, comfort and its awesome food.

I started with Fish. I ordered a Naked Seer Fish Fried and 4 Neer Dosas to accompany it to my impatient mouth.The fish is one of the best dishes you must/should/have to try in Kanua. The texture, the flavorour and the intelligent blend of spices makes the Fish an amazing experience. Neer Dosas just melts in your mouth and is no special as a stand-alone.

 Naked Fried Seer Fish with Tender Neer Dosas

I moved on to a heavier section on the menu. The Prawns Biriyani.
Its so good, I can't put that in words. You will love it. Trust me when I say its the best Prawns Biriyani you will get in Bangalore.

PS: Before eating this one, make sure that you are not allergic to Shrimps of any kind.

I also ordered a Goan Chicken Curry to add some gravy to it.

 Prawns Biriyani with Goan Chicken Curry

Kanua doesnt have an interesting palette of Desserts. They went the authentic Konkani way in that as well and it sort of sucks! 

PS: Don't forget to grab a handful of that ginger candy wrap at the end. They are godsend!

Kanua is a little heavy on the pocket though a must try for all serious foodies!

Average Cost on Meal for Two: INR 2000

6/2, Kaikondrahalli, Near Wipro Headquaters, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore