Monday, May 23, 2011

Surprised by Attuvanchi : Alappuzha

We were a bit confused when we saw the board "kallu" (Toddy) showing up prominently over the hotel's actual title 'Attuvanchi', But hunger won over confusion the very next second. We were on our way home from Alappuzha and almost near changanassery when we decided to stop at any place which offered some food.

We got in and thought of doing it the right way and hence appeared a pot of fresh toddy on our table.

The toddy was so fresh and sweet.It was definitely tingly but not sour.

We ordered one plate of Kappa ( Mashed & Cooked Tapioca), A Set of Appams, One Kada (Quail) Deep Fried and Crabs. We had to wait for a while to get these ready but meanwhile we were offered a Duck Curry we could use as an appetizer.

The Duck curry went well with Appams. Spicy with lots of bones.

Kappa well cooked and spicy. Hot delicious.

Kada fry was alright. Eatable to the last bone, it resembled chicken in taste.

We got 3 adult crabs and an over sized adult crab in one plate. Tasted amazing even though you had to struggle through the shell.

And finally the battle was over.

To our surprise the bill for all the above said menu, was under 300 INR, which was a huge relief as we only had 500 on us and these places wont accept any cards!

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