Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nostalgic Home Food 2: Idiyirachi (Beaten Dry Meat)

Another Nostalgic tastebud memory. The warm crunchy pieces of beaten dried beef multiplying into a thousand little pieces inside your mouth. It was called 'Idiyirachi' (beaten meat) and I tasted it for the first time from an old friend's lunchbox. Making Idiyirachi is not rocket science, not even soup science, but its not a fast deal as well. Here's the recipe, try it out once. Its worth the effort.

Things Needed:

Beef Steak Slices.

Make thin little pieces of the steak slices. Sun dry the pieces for at least 24 hrs. (Ideally that means 24hrs of sun. Moonlight not applicable). Take the pieces and beat to death fibrous dry pulp. Its always good to use the traditional stone beater for this one, but you can alternatively achieve this with 2 or 3 dry spins on your electric mixer. Add some salt, mix and store it in an airtight container. Now remember that its still raw. You can now prepare a variety of dishes with this beauty.

Quickie 1: 
Shallow fry the pieces with a little oil and Chili powder = Total Awesomeness!

Quickie 2 :
Oil fry the pieces with some onions, red & green capsicums, pepper powder and sauces. 


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  1. It was called 'Idiyirachi' (beaten meat) survival warehouse and I tasted it for the first time from an old friend's lunchbox.