Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coconut Groove: Salt n Pepper

Whenever I start thinking of doing a budget plan, a new hoarding will appear right across my door of some new restaurant chain. The latest addition was Coconut Groove, the mid-range eatery serving keralite cuisines.

On my first visit to the place, I ordered Appams with Meen Mappas, Idiyappam with Chicken Stew and Panni Varuthathu.



Fish (Meen) Mappas

Chicken Stew

Appam went well with the Meen Mappas (a light red fish curry). It also made an excellent combo with the Chicken Stew. Idiyappam, was disappointing even with the pinch of pepper corns added to them. Panni Varuthathu (Pork Dry Fried with Onions) is a must-try for all the Pork Lovers. Though a little spicy, it tasted awesome.

Coconut Groove provides a wide range of traditional keralite delicacies. I will also recommend the Motta Porotta (Egg Porottas) and Prawns Biriyani.

A decent variety meal for two will cost your around 700 INR.

Address: Coconut Groove, Next to South Indian Bank, Opp Ittina Souparnika, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pasta with Onions and Sausages

Last night was Pasta Night. I had a pack of Fusilli pasta and arrabbiata sauce. I've kept it really simple for the fact that I don't want to spend more time in the kitchen!


Oil as needed
One Pack of Fusilli (Cork Screw Shaped Pasta)
Arrabbiata Sauce
Two Chicken Sausages
One Onion
Tomato Puree
Red and Green Capsicum
Basil Leaves
Salt as needed

PS: You can do it either with the Sausage cut to dices or with the wrap removed.

How to:

0. Cook the Fusilli as per Pack Instruction and Keep aside.
0. Boil the Sausages and Keep aside.
1. Heat oil in a pan.
2. Add nicely cut onions and stir fry till golden brown
3. Add in the dice cut capsicum
4. Pour in the tomato puree
5. Add the cooked pasta to the pan
6. Add dice cut / sausage content to the pan
7. Add in Arabbiata Sauce
8. Salt if needed
9. Mix well
10. Add in basil leaves
11. Simmer and Serve Hot