Monday, December 8, 2014

Seffa Medfouna from Meat Treat.

Seffa Medfouna is a very famous moroccan dome dish of broken vermicelli which has hidden beef/chicken slices in it. Fay Barretto of Meat Treat dropped off a generous portion of Seffa Medfouna the other night.The quantity was enough to fill two really hungry and aggressive foodies (Fortunately, It was just me!. The package had a moroccan beet salad as well.

The dish was very rich and irresistible. The vermicelli was well balanced with perfect amounts of raisins, fried almonds, butter and sugar. The beef was tasty but a bit too hard to bite into - Could be partially coz of the unsympathetic cold weather.

The packaging ruined the aesthetic beauty of the dish, but the flavour compensated for what it lacked on looks.

Overall, a fulfilling comfort food. 
Damage on Wallet: 700 INR.

Ps: The Meat Treat is organising THE ANNUAL MEAT EATER TASTING PARTYon 13th of December at D3, White Oak, D'costa Layout, 1st Cross, Cooke Town, Bangalore.


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